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our 1st Trio album "Vibrations, States, Emotions" is recorded, mixed & mastered

Valér Miko on the piano, Tamás Belicza on e bass, Juraj Raši on the drums

as guest : Ľuboš Brtáň on the guitar

the strings trio leaded by Roman Harvan /also arr./ are :

Ján Kruzliak ml. on violin, Tomáš Čech on viola &

Roman Harvan on cello

sound, recording /also mixing : Igor Baar

at Empirove Divadlo, Hlohovec, Slovakia

also mixing & mastering : Miroslav Širáň

Recording stuff 4 the next CD..

Valér Miko, Tamás Belicza, Dávid Juraj Raši present Time, we are recording our newer Tracks for the next album,

at Puntigam Studio, Bratislava

also with Ľuboš Brtáň on the guitar

coming soon..


to see & hear at :