Valér Miko Trio

members /line up :

Valér Miko - piano

Tamás Belicza – e bass

Juraj Raši - drums and percussion

The musician and piano player Valér Miko presents his own compositions in a trio format. The unity and at the same time variability of the sound offers an interesting vision of the modern concept of the piano trio. The compositions show a romantic-expressive flow, merging classical and jazz styles, with room for spontaneous improvisation, especially in the solo parts.

The trio is playing live in this line-up since early 2014, sometimes accompanied by guest guitar players Ľuboš Brtáň or Pavol Bereza.

records out so far :

Vibrations, States, Emotions

Hevhetia records 2016

Random Coincidences

Pavian records 2017


Hevhetia records 2019