Valér Miko Trio

members /line up :

Valér Miko /piano, synth

Tamás Belicza /e bass, fretless bass

Juraj David Raši /drums and percussions


The musician and piano player Valér Miko presents his own compositions in a trio format. The unity and at the same time variability of the sound offers an interesting vision of the modern concept of the piano trio. The compositions show a romantic-expressive flow, merging classical and jazz styles, with room for spontaneous improvisation, especially in the solo parts.

The trio is playing live in this line-up since early 2014, sometimes accompanied by guest guitar players Ľuboš Brtáň or Pavol Bereza.

notable concerts & festivals: /Víkend Atraktívneho Divadla, Zvolen (2014), Mikulášsky Jazzový festival (2015), Radio Head Awards, Bratislava (2016), Opus Jazz club, Budapest (2016), Open Jazz fest, (2016), Blue Note Jazz Club (2016), One Day Jazz fest, (2016), Tatraflowers, Tatranska Lomnica (2017), Bratislavské Jazzové Dni (2017), Stara Pekarna, Brno (2018), Jazzdock, Praha (2018), Jazzfest Znojmo (2019)/

records out :

Vibrations, States, Emotions Hevhetia records 2016

Random Coincidences Pavian records 2017

Life Hevhetia records 2019